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Math Apps

Visualizing Mathematical & Statistical Models

This page is a repository for interactive web-based applications developed by Dr. Joe Champion and collaborators. Many of the tools are strictly for educational purposes, although some have mathematical or scientific usefulness.

Shiny Apps

Shiny is an open source R library for creating browswer applications that can do some heavy-lifting of numerical calculations. (For other examples, see the Shiny Gallery.)

  • Invasions - explore mathematical models for the spatial spread of invasive species. Features numerical solutions to a class of "reaction-diffusion" partial differential equation models of spatial spread.
    • Credits: Joe Champion, Christopher Viveros, Mark Hayes, Ian Cavey. This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Geological Survey under Grant/Cooperative Agreement No. G15AC00311.
  • MusicMath - see how pure waves combine to make audible sounds, how the Fast Fourier Transform can help illustrate the sounds, and how classical tuning scales differ mathematically.
    • Credits: Joshua Watson